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    Process direct bank payments

    Before you start

    Before you start accepting direct bank payments, you need to sign an agreement with the relevant bank and activate that payment option in your Netaxept Admin Account.

    We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the steps of the Payment Flow before reading about how to process direct bank payments after the Terminal phase.


    Until the Terminal phase, the direct bank flow works as described under Payment Flow - Outline.

    That means, that if you already have a regular card integration implemented, and you have made direct agreements with the banks, there is no need to send any additional parameters along the Register call to Netaxept to make direct banks available for customers.

    However, there are a few settings that you should make in order to optimize the processing of direct bank payments.

    User Journey

    When your customers choose a direct bank payment, they are directed to the bank's site. The direction is done either directly or via Netaxept's payment window, depending on your technical API implementation towards Netaxept.

    On the online banking site, the customer is guided through the payment process and then will be redirected to the redirectURL specified in the Register call, with a response code "OK", "Cancel", "Reject" or some other bank-specific response code.

    AutoSale function

    The main difference compared to card payments is, that with the Terminal call’s status=OK reply, Netaxept triggers an AutoSale for the transaction.

    If you have signed a direct agreement with the bank, the bank will transfer the sum of the payment from the customer's bank account to your bank account in almost real time.

    As a consequence, operations that are valid for card payments such as Process(AUTH), Process(CAPTURE) and Process(SALE) do not apply for direct bank payments.

    For direct bank payments you must not send the Process(SALE) call due to Netaxept's AutoSalefunctionality.

    Refund direct bank payments

    Since direct bank payments do not support separate capture (Authentification and Capture) because the funds are directly transferred to your account due to Netaxept’s AutoSale function, the only way to refund a customer, is the Process(CREDIT) call.

    The Process(CREDIT) call works similiar to Process(CREDIT) for regular card payments.

    Optimize direct bank payment flow

    Query call and callback function

    As mentioned before, calls such as Process(AUTH), Process(CAPTURE) and Process(SALE) can’t be executed on direct bank payments. To avoid your setup trying to run these operations on direct bank payments, send the Query call. The Query calls response will contain the payment method information. Further action can be defined according to that.

    We always suggest implementing callback functionality. Callbacks will send a transactionId whenever the transaction has a new status. The Query call can be triggered by that event and get detailed information about the payment in question based on the transactionId.

    Payment method action list

    You might want to add the optional PaymentMethodActionList parameter to the Register call, to specify the payment as a direct bank payment and to separate direct banks from card and other payments in the checkout phase.

    If there is just one PaymentMethod defined, and the PaymentMethod is a bank, then the user can be sent directly to the bank’s payment flow, without passing the payment window.

    Please note that the name of the bank needs to be exactly as defined in the direct bank payment method list.

    The PaymentMethocActionList also allows you to determine, which payment methods you want to show on the Payment Window. If set, only the PaymentMethods listed here will be displayed in the same order.

    Transaction Reference

    With the Register call’s TransactionReconRef , you can specify a unique reference number for each direct bank payment. Ideally, that number allows you to track the payment throughout the whole payment flow (end-to-end) since this number is going to be visible on your bank statement as well as in Netaxept Admin and in the Nets Merchant Portal. That allows you to easily match direct bank payments received via Netaxept with the information in your own system.

    Please note that the Transaction Reference number´s format needs to be aligned with the rules by the specific bank. Otherwise problems with performing or crediting direct bank payments may occur. If not used, Netaxept will automatically generate a valid value for each bank.

    Things to know about direct bank payments


    Please note that one bank agreement supports only one specific currency: the currency that is sent along the Register call needs to match the currency used when activating the direct bank in Netaxept Admin. For example, if currency "EUR" is sent along the Register call, Swedish direct banks will not appear in the payment window because they require "SEK" to be registered as currency in Netaxept Admin and sent with the Register call's currencyCode parameter.


    For direct bank payments, the bank will transfer the captured or credited amount between the customer's and your company's bank accounts in near real-time. On your company's bank statement you will see direct bank payments as individual transactions.

    Norwegian direct bank payments via BankAxess

    If you want to offer your customers the opportunity to pay their online purchases by using Norwegian direct banks and Bank ID, you can implement BankAxess into Netaxept.

    To get this work, you need to sign a BankAxess agreement with one of the Norwegian banks that support BankAxess as a payment method. After the agreement is processed by your chosen bank, Nets will activate BankAxess so that it is ready for you to implement it.

    European direct bank payments via SOFORT

    Netaxept also supports SOFORT, an operator that is connected to most banks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Italy.

    If you want to offer your customers the opportunity to pay with these banks' direct bank payments, sign the agreement with SOFORT and activate “SofortBanking” as a payment method in Netaxept Admin. SOFORT supports both partial and full credits in production.

    Supported direct banks and functionality

    Direct banks that are supported by Netaxept at each time are listed below. Also, below you can find information whether the direct bank in question support credit function in Netaxept's production and/or test environments. It should be noted that some banks don’t support credits and/or queries if the merchant doesn't have settlement accounts in these banks. In addition, not all banks support credit function in their test environment although the corresponding function is working in production environment.

    Swedish banks

    Bank namePayment method name in APISupports credit in productionSupports credit in test
    Danske BankSwedishBankDanskeBank

    Finnish banks

    Bank namePayment method name in APISupports credit in productionSupports credit in test
    OP Will be discontinuedFinishBankOp
    OP New API integrationOPBankFinland
    POP PankkiFinishBankPopPankki
    Oma SäästöpankkiFinishBankOmaSaastopankki
    Danske BankFinishBankSampo

    Baltic banks

    Bank namePayment method name in APISupports credit in productionSupports credit in test
    Luminor Bank EstoniaEstonianBankLuminor
    SEB EstoniaEstonianBankSEB
    SEB LatviaLatvianBankSEB
    SEB LithuaniaLithuanianBankSEB
    Swedbank EstoniaEstonianBankSwedbank
    Swedbank LatviaLatvianBankSwedbank
    Swedbank LithuaniaLithuanianBankSwedbank
    DNB LatviaLatvianBankDnb
    DNB LithuaniaLithuanianBankDnb