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    NetaxeptChange log

    Changes to Netaxept production environment as part of a migration to Azure Cloud

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    To increase reliability, flexibility, and security on our platform, Netaxept application will be migrated from Nets On-premise to Microsoft Azure Cloud environment.

    This activity will be performed with a service break in the production Netaxept payment service. During the service break payment processing will not be possible through Netaxept production along with any action in Netaxept Admin.

    The service break will affect all eCommerce merchants and partners accepting payments in their web shops, mobile apps and/or call centre services via Netaxept.

    Please read below for more information regarding required changes in your integration before migration from you as a Merchant.

    What do you need to do?

    Production environment (required changes):

    1. If you have a direct connection to Netaxept you need to stop using this by removing any references to IP: on your servers or hosting environment that is communicating with Netaxept.
    2. If you are using the Netaxept call-back service and have Netaxept IP: whitelisted on your servers or hosting environment, you need to also whitelist the following Netaxept Azure IPs:
    3. If you whitelisted Netaxept static IPs (,,, and on your firewall to connect to Netaxept, then you need to also add this static IP:
    4. The domains and will be decommissioned. If you are using any of the above domains in the integration, then you need to change it to
    5. If you are using IP: to connect to Netaxept endpoint, then you need to stop using direct access to this IP and instead use any of the Netaxept domain URL’s (, This IP ( will not be functioning once Netaxept will be migrated to Azure.

    Date & Time of change:

    Date of Change: 12-09-2022

    Time of Change: 01:00 – 06:00 CEST (During this period Netaxept production environment will not be available)

    When you need to make changes: Any time before the above-mentioned date/time.

    Additional information:

    What is Direct Connection: You are bypassing Netaxept’s DDoS protection service provider Imperva. Normally with an entry in your host file stating that IP points to the Netaxept domain ( or

    What is Callback service: Netaxept offers a callback service that will notify the merchant’s system automatically when the status of the transaction changes. The Merchant enables the service and defines the Callback URL in the Admin Portal settings.

    Should you have any questions in this regard, please contact customer support.