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    Stored cards (Cards on File)

    How to save card details for faster checkout, subscriptions and other services.

    Services with stored cards

    To store cards with your customers agreement allows you to offer the following services:

    • Easy payment: recurring customers do not have to enter their payment details again
    • Recurring payments: a transaction in a series of transactions. The amount of recurring payments is fixed as well as the intervals of the payment. Its based on the customer's consent to allow the merchant to initate one or more future transactions. Example: TV streaming subscription with the same monthly bill.
    • Unscheduled Card on File: contrary to recurring payments, the amount and the schedule of the transaction can be flexible. Examples: Automatic top ups of railcards or mobile phone subscriptions, where the bill changes according to amount of minutes used.
    • Delayed charge: allows supplemental acccount charge after the initial payment has been processed. Example: A hotel needs to charge minibar expenses on top of the (already paid) original bill.
    • No-show: allows a no-show-transaction. Usually used for fees that occur because the customer does not meet the terms of an agreement. Example: Customer has booked a hotel room but does not cancel the booking according to the hotel's cancellation policy.