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    Bank accounts

    Our partnership with ratepay allows you to offer SEPA Direct Debit as a payment option on your Payment Selection Page. You need to activate ratepay in the Add on section of your nets easy account. Please note that this is not possible with just a testing account.

    How it works

    If your buyers select SEPA Direct Debit on the Payment Selection Page, they are asked to enter their date of birth and their IBAN. They also need to accept the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate. They then continue the checkout flow as usual and confirm their purchase.

    Any subsequent steps (as collecting the funds from the buyer’s bank account) are handled by ratepay. They transfer the money to your nets merchant account within a few days (usually around 3 days).


    Please be aware that as of now subscriptions can’t be handled with ratepay SEPA Direct Debit.

    It is possible to refund the money, both partially and total.

    The exact names for each event are listed in our API reference.


    To test account to account payments is not possible now.