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    This guide outlines on how to use and test the Nets Easy Postman API collection for checkout.

    Postman collection

    Test Postman

    Before you start

    Before you start, you need a Postman account so you can test and fork the collection.


    Postman allows you to explore the Nets Easy REST APIs so you can perform API testing. You can configure and tests the HTTP requests and receive responses for the following APIs:

    Forking the collection

    You can fork the collection which means that you will create a new instance of the collection in your own workspace. This means you can test and make changes with your keys that does not affect the base collection.

    1. Sign into your Postman account.
    2. Go to the Nets Easy API collction.
    3. Select the Run in Postman button.
    4. Select the Fork collection button.
    5. Name your work and select a workspace.


    An access token is automatically generated using

    You can find your integration keys inside of the Portal by following this guide here.

    When the authorization has been completed, you can call any API in the collection.