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    Test invoice & instalment processing

    This article describes how to test invoice and instalment processing on your checkout page.

    Complexity: Low
    Coding: None

    Before you start

    Before you start, you need a checkout page that uses the Nets Easy test environment.

    How to test

    The Easy checkout page provides your customers with the option to pay by invoice. To test invoice processing on the checkout page, follow the steps below:

    1. Navigate to your checkout page
    2. Select "Pay later"
    3. Add one of the PNOs from the table below in the field named "Personal identification number".
    4. Enter the Postal code and Address associated with the PNO you selected.
    5. Enter an arbitrary name and phone number


    To be able to test invoice processing, you need to create a payment with a small amount to avoid triggering the authentication

    Invoice payment

    Sample invoice addresses

    The following addresses and sample personal identification numbers (PNO) can be used in the test environment when testing invoice payments:

    PNOPostal codeAddressResult
    440424-111114552BruksgatanReservation not approved