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    Nets EasyChange log

    Easy Checkout version 1.84.0

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    This release 1.84.0 includes some new functionality releases regarding reattempts on card schemes and receiving a reason on why an account verification fails. Moreover, this release includes some bug fixes and improvements for UI in the checkout.

    Highlights of the new release

    • This functionality is to limit the number of reattempts to charge soft declined transactions. 15 reattempts in a rolling 30 days is the rule set by card schemes. The 16th attempt will be blocked on PSP side to avoid fines from card schemes. You can read more about it here.

    • When doing account verification, you will now see the reason and description of why the card has failed in the verification process. This makes it possible for you to take action against the consumer if, for example, the card is invalid, stolen or lost.

    Bug fixes and improvements

    • Fixed so that the Dankort part of the hybrid Dankort/Visa is prioritized over Visa in the UI.
    • Collecting the right IP address of the consumer when doing an order.
    • All charge reattempt on Visa cards that has been rejected with the following reason codes will be blocked on PSP side. These are the following codes: 04, 14, 15, 41, 43, 46, 54, 57.
    • SetTheme is overruling the theme from the checkout styler which makes the design solution of checkout more logic and robust.
    • Fixed so that the card holder input field is removed from the UI to simplify input for the consumer.

    If you have any questions about this, then you can contact Support from here.