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    Before you start

    This guide outlines more in depth the necessary steps on how to get started with using Nets Easy Paylink.

    As outlined from here, the prerequisites for setting up with Nets Easy Paylink are the following:

    Things you need before you get started

    1. Set up a Paylink agreement with Nets Easy
    2. Create Nets Easy Paylink account
    3. Have a Nets Easy account
    4. Create a Paylink instance name

    To start using Nets Easy Paylink, you will need to contact Easy Sales from here. You will receive a registration link via email where you will be prompted the option to create a Paylink account.

    Whenever you have completed the Paylink account registration, you will have to share the Paylink account name with Easy Sales. Lastly, Easy Sales will help you with the final steps to finalize the activation and setup.

    You will need to sign the agreement for adding Nets Easy Paylink to your Nets Easy contract.

    For any other questions not related to the Paylink agreement, please contact Support from here.

    To use Nets Easy Paylinks, you need to create a Nets Easy Paylink account. After sending the Nets Easy Paylink account name to Sales and by creating your Nets Easy Paylink account, you will then define your Paylink instance name.

    Find a detailed guide on how to create your Nets Easy Paylink account here.

    3. Nets Easy Account

    If you do not have a Nets Easy account then you can create one free of charge.

    If you already have an existing Nets Easy account then this step can be omitted as the agreement of Easy Paylink will be added to your Nets Easy contract and account by Easy Sales.

    By setting up your Nets Easy Paylink account, you define your Paylink instance name.

    The Paylink instance name is your Nets Easy Paylink account name: If you access your Nets Easy Paylink payment page with, the Paylink instance name would be demo.


    In this example, the Paylink account instance name below would be pavelnedved.

    Paylink account name example