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    D2 DT Migration Guide

    We are discontinuing support for D2 and DT platform and will close the platform on April 26th, 2022. We are transferring our payment gateway services technically to a more modern, scalable and future-proof platform.

    We hope that you want to continue using Nets’ payment gateway.: If so, you need to upgrade your integration for continued access to Nets payment gateway services. All you need to do is contact us to renew your agreement.

    Replace your existent solution with Nets Easy

    We suggest that you replace your existent solution with our Nets Easy payment solution. Please read the most frequent asked questions and our answers or contact us for help and advice on that migration.

    I want to replace my D2 or DT solution with Nets Easy. What do I need to do?

    In order to get Nets Easy up and running, you must open a Nets Easy account as described here.

    Creating an account is free of charge. Your newly created account will be in test mode by default. You can start integrating Easy Checkout to your site and test it (in test environment) immediately.

    To go live, you need to apply for a live account from within your Nets Easy account. You can also contact us for support.

    I have subscriptions and recurring payments set up with my D2/DT solution which I need to continue with Nets Easy. How do I make that work?

    If you have recurring payments set up for your customers, these should be continued with your Nets Easy payment solution. Simply follow the steps below:

    • Send an email to one of the following addresses (depending on your country):

    • This email needs to contain the following information:

      • D2 or DT merchant ID
      • Your new Nets Easy merchant ID (stated in your account)
      • Bank Statement (the text after the “*” will be visible on customers bank account): Nets * “YOUR TEXT”.
    • Finally, we will get back to you with a list, mapping your old “ticketId” (D2) or “verifyId” (DT) to your new Nets Easy “subscriptionId”.

    Use this list for your internal record-keeping. The subscriptions will continue in Nets Easy from the moment the migration has been done successfully.

    I have decided to choose a different Payment Solution Provider, other than Nets Easy. How do I get my subscriptions and recurring payments transferred?

    In that case we need the following information from you:

    1. Your new payment service provider‘s name
    2. Your organization's number, merchant ID, company name – so it can be located at the other payment service provider’s backend
    3. Contact person a. Name b. Position c. Contact information (phone/e-mail (required))
    4. D2 or DT merchant ID
      1. The completed data release statement (you and the PSP need to sign it)

    We will contact the PSP and make sure to move the tickets.

    Please find a more detailed description of the necessary steps here.

    With D2/DT we have separate accounts for logging in via the API or the account. Will that be possible to do with Nets Easy as well?

    Once you have created your Nets Easy account, you will be able to add additional users to it. However, your Nets Easy credentials (API integration keys, merchantID) will remain the same for all users.

    What about customizing my customer’s payment experience? Will I have the same options as I had with D2/DT? What about currencies?

    Nets Easy provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing your checkout flow. Learn more about it here and consult a list of supported languages and currencies

    Will I get support from Nets for the migration?

    We have several resources dedicated to support you during the migration. Please contact us, if you are not in contact with one of our Customer Success Managers and we will get in touch.