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    Nets Easy for Gambio

    This guide describes how to install, configure, and use the Nets Easy webshop module for Gambio.

    Compatibility: 4+
    Latest version: v1.0.0

    Before you start

    Before you start, you need an Nets Easy Portal account. See the guide Create account for more information about creating a free test account.


    Our Gambio plugin is the perfect extension to enable the Nets Easy checkout to its' full potential for your Gambio store. Nets Easy supports most popular payment methods.

    Gambio supported payment methods

    Shop features

    • The Nets Easy fast checkout with the "remember me" functionality.
    • Embedded checkout for an optimized user experience. This means that users are not redirected outside Gambio.
    • A smart mix of payment methods to suit all preferences.
    • Multiple checkout languages and currencies for selling in your domestic market and abroad.
    • Supports two different checkout types: Hosted Payment Window | Embedded Checkout.
    • Custom and modernized checkout page with Embedded Checkout.
    • Fully synchronized payment statuses backend orders and Easy portal.
    Gambio checkout

    Admin panel features

    • Quick setup and flexible configuration.
    • Intuitive order management with synchronized captures and refunds.
    • Compatibility with discounts, tax (VAT), and shipping options.
    • Supports partial and full charge/refunds from backend order details page.
    • Custom webhook events for real-time payment statuses.
    • Custom build-in debugging features.
    Gambio Configuration Options


    Follow the steps below to install the Nets Easy module in Gambio:

    1. Download the plugin from the Github link >
    2. Extract the zip file.
    3. Copy the extracted files and paste them into the root directory.
    4. Login to Admin Panel.
    5. Click on Toolbox.
    6. Clear Cache.
    7. Go To Modules > Payment Systems.
    8. Click on the “Miscellaneous” tab and find the Module “Nets Easy”.
    9. Install the Module.
    10. After the installation, press “Configure”.
    11. Set your API Credentials and configuration.

    Hover over the blue info icons for more information on a specific setting.


    After installing the module, you need to do some basic configuration of the module:

    1. To configure and set up the plugin, you need to navigate to: Admin > Modules > Payment Systems > Miscellaneous > Added modules > Nets Easy
    2. Locate the Nets Easy plugin and press the Configure button to access the Configuration.

    The screenshot below shows the configuration page for the module:

    Gambio Configuration Page

    Settings descriptions

    1. Login to your Nets Easy account.
    2. You can find your Test and Live Keys inside Company > Integration. Read more about that from here.
    3. Find your merchant ID in the Portal. The Dealer Conditions ID in Gambio is the equivalent of the merchant ID in the Easy Portal.
    4. Checkout mode: Select between Test/Live transactions. Live mode requires an approved account. Testcard information can be found here: be found inside the Nets Easy payment window.
    5. Checkout Flow: Redirect/Embedded. Select between 2 checkout types: Redirect - Nets Hosted loads a new payment page. Embedded checkout inserts the payment window directly on the checkout page.
    6. Terms and Conditions URL: The URL for your Terms and Conditions page.
    7. Dealer Terms URL: The URL for the page containing Dealer Terms and Conditions.
    8. Automatically debit: This function allows you to instantly charge a payment straight after the order is placed.

    Please note that capturing a payment before shipment of the order might be liable to restrictions based upon legislations set in your country. Misuse can result in your Easy account being forfeit.

    1. Webhook URL: Is per default set to the in-build custom event listener that handles payment statuses on your orders paid with Nets Easy.
    2. Webhook Auth: Set your custom password on incoming webhook event data to tighten security.
    3. Debug mode: Optionally activate this feature and copy/send debug content to our support, in case you experience issues with your transactions.

    Order management

    Orders placed using Nets Easy can be managed in the Nets Easy portal. Here it is possible for you to perform actions such as charge, refund, or cancel payments.

    It's also possible to view the status of orders placed using Easy Checkout directly in the Gambio Admin by navigating to Admin > Orders > Orders.

    • Navigate to Admin > Orders > Orders. Press on view (Eye Icon) to access order details.
    • Choose your desired order status in order history. Payment Id is searchable in Nets Easy portal.

    Below you can see the order list page of Gambio:

    Gambio Order List Page

    Below you can see the order detail page of Gambio where you can do actions like refund, charge etc.

    Gambio Order Detail Page


    Nets payment plugin is not visible as a payment method

    • Ensure that the Nets plugin is available in the extension configuration.
    • Edit the Easy Checkout configuration by choosing the status Enable.

    Nets payment window is blank

    • Ensure your keys in the Nets plugin Settings are correct and with no additional blank spaces.
    • Temporarily deactivate the 3rd party plugins that might affect the functionality of the Nets plugin.
    • Check if there is any temporary technical inconsistencies from this page for the operatioanl status or the status page from here for Easy.

    Payments in live mode do not work

    • Ensure that you have an approved Live Easy account for production.
    • Ensure that your Live Easy account is approved for payments with the selected currency.
    • Ensure that payment method data is correct and supported by your Nets Easy agreement.