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    Nets Easy Paylink and One-Page-Shop Solution

    No coding required: Nets Easy Paylink allows you to make a payment request by sending a generated URL. The One Page Shop Solution let's you create a One Page Shop within seconds.

    Complexity: Low


    Support: Contact us if you need help with setting up your Paylink or One-Page-Shop:

    Nets Easy Paylink allows you to direct your buyers to a Nets hosted payment flow by sending a generated URL to them (that’s the Paylink).

    All the payment options you have enabled for your Nets Easy account are displayed for your buyer to choose from. The buyer chooses his preferred payment method and goes through the payment flow.

    The received funds will appear in your Nets Easy account as well as in your Nets Easy Paylink account. However, you will need to use your Nets Easy account for payouts.

    Nets Easy Paylink supports different types of payments:

    • One-off payments: Immediate capture of a specific amount.
    • Reservation: A specific amount gets blocked on the credit card. A capture is possible within 7 days.

    Nets Easy One-Page-Shop Solution

    Nets Easy One-Page-Shop solution enables you to display your items on a website with an integrated Nets Easy hosted payment flow.

    • simply customize the page's design according to your brand requirements
    • the page is responsive to desktop, tablet and smartphone displays
    • with Visa, Mastercard, Ratepay (instalments and direct debit) and PayPal, we offer the most popular payment methods
    • with Nets Easy One-Page-Shop you benefit from the whole package with shopsystem, hosting and payments - all from just one provider

    There are three ways to share your One-Page-Shop:

    • URL: simply share the One-Page-Shop's url with your customers
    • Modal window: if you already have a website, you can add a button for the One-Page-Shop to appear as a child window in fromt of the main window (overlay)
    • iFrame: you can simply integrate a code snippet into your website's HTML for the One-Page-Shop to appear in an iFrame

    You can easily create and customise your One-Page-Shop from within your Nets Easy Paylink account.

    PDF tutorial

    We recommend to check our pdf tutorial for detailed step by step instructions.