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    This guide outlines the Payment functionalities within the Settings section of the Easy demo store.


    In this section, the Payment section inside of Settings of the Nets Easy demo store will be outlined.

    This includes description for each of the possible payment settings, use case examples and how to set up for these use cases.

    Payment settings

    Inside of the payment section of the Easy demo store, it is possible to toggle various functionalities that can be tailored to your business and use case and therefore suitable for your consumers choice of options when navigating the Easy checkout.

    The following section will provide a summary for each of the functionalities:


    This functionality offer the option of all available currencies. The chosen API will be used towards the payment API.


    Public device


    Consumer type

    Shipping countries

    Country code

    BIN filtering

    Payment type filtering

    Invoice fee

    Consumer data



    Unscheduled subscription

    Button texts

    Display order details

    Merchant handles consumer

    Direct charge

    Split billing and shipping address

    Cancel URL

    Generate load settings URL

    Reset payment settings

    Checkout options (JSON)

    Use cases

    There are many different use cases on how to utilize and manage the demo store with the payment settings that best applies to your needs.

    The following use cases outlines examples with diverse requirements:

    Use case #1

    You want to set the currency to EUR, allowing only for the type of B2C consumers in the checkout. Furthermore, you want to allow BIN filtering because you want to xx.

    Use case #2

    You want to enable webhooks of payment.created, payment.charge.created, and payment.checkout.completed with hosted payments checkout and setting a reference because you want to xx.

    Use case #3

    You want to set the shipping countries, country code and adding an invoice fee because you want to xx.

    To check how to enable these functionalities for each of the above use cases, you can see what are the necessary steps to do in the following use case table below.

    Use case table

    Use case #Setup
    Use case #1
    1. From the currency drop-down menu, choose EUR.
    2. Next, in the consumer type, choose B2C consumers for the availability and by default.
    3. Finally, toggle the BIN filtering on.
    Use case #2
    1. From the webhooks drop-down menu, choose the necessary webhooks.
    2. Next, set the reference in text of what merchant or provider that will be handling the payment.
    3. Finally, toggle and enable on for hosted payment checkout.
    Use case #3
    1. Toggle and enable on the shipping countries.
    2. Next, toggle and enable on the country code.
    3. Finally, toggle and enable on the shipping fee.