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    How it works

    Vipps is a mobile payment app (digital wallet) that lets users pay for products and services by using the payee’s mobile phone number. It also allows them to send money to each other. Vipps supports only Norwegian Krone as a currency. Users must have a Norwegian social security number, a Norwegian bank account and a Norwegian mobile phone number to use Vipps. 

    When your buyers select Vipps as a payment method on the Nets Easy payment selection page, they need to enter their phone number. They are then redirected to a Vipps hosted confirmation page, where they confirm their purchase and get a notification on their mobile phone’s Vipps app. Finally, they confirm their payment from within the app.

    The amount is now authorized, and you can charge the funds anytime within a certain time frame – usually 30 days – after you ship the order. That helps to avoid refunds and chargebacks.


    To ensure the correct update of the payment status from Easy Checkout, you need to use the payment.checkout.completed webhook (see the webhooks section). By using this webhook, you will receive a notification from Easy Checkout after the checkout process is completed.

    Recurring payments (subscriptions) are not supported by Nets Easy Vipps payments.

    Nets Easy Vipps payments allow you to do partial refunds, separate captures and partial charges. If you haven’t yet captured the funds, you can also cancel payments.

    Please find the exact events and descriptions in our API reference.


    You can test Vipps payments in the Nets testing environment.