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    Before you start

    Please check the list below to see if you are ready to set up your Nets Easy Paylink.

    Things you need before you get started

    1. Nets Easy Paylink account
    2. Nets Easy account
    3. Paylink instance name
    4. Nets Easy integration keys

    To use Nets Easy Paylinks, you need to create a Nets Easy Paylink account. By creating your Nets Easy Paylink account you will also define your Paylink instance name.

    Find a detailed guide on how to create your Nets Easy Paylink account here.

    2. Nets Easy account

    You must also create a Nets Easy accountcreate one free of charge if you haven't yet.

    By setting up your Nets Easy Paylink account, you define your Paylink instance name. The Paylink instance name is your Nets Easy Paylink account name: If you access your Nets Easy Paylink payment page with, the Paylink instance name would be demo.


    4. Integration keys from your Nets Easy account

    Find your Integration keys in your Nets Easy account and paste them into your Nets Easy Paylink account’s payment providers section. This way both of your accounts are connected, and your Nets Easy payment methods are available for your Nets Easy Paylink and in your Nets Easy One Page Shop as well.


    You are now ready to start testing your Nets Eays Paylink and your One Page Shop. Once you feel comfortable going live, you need to contact our service team in order to go live.