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    Easy demo store

    This guide outlines the Easy demo store with a walk-through. This will walk through on how to utilize the store, toggle the necessary settings for your use case, test the checkout and general best practices.


    The Nets Easy demo store is a demo and testing tool operating as a small dummy store where it is possible to:

    • Try out how the checkout looks with a purchase of products depending on country and currency settings
    • Toggle to enable and disable various use case related settings
    • Manage and copy the auto-generated JSON from the adjusted settings
    • Test the different payment methods in the checkout with the test data

    Each of the toggling functionalities will h

    You can check here about the test data and which payment methods currently is supported for testing.


    This following section will describe the checkout.

    For a more in-depth and elaborated description of the checkout, please refer to this section about checkout here.

    It is possible to add product(s) into the cart which can then be seen inside the of the checkout. From here, you can enter personal information in the checkout such as:

    • Email
    • Postal code
    • Country code with phone number
    • First and last name
    • Address
    • Country
    • City

    Depending on which checkout currency and payment method has been chosen, the input fields will be adjusted accordingly, and you will be prompted to enter in different credentials. You can also toggle whether you want it to be as a private or business purchase.

    This could be:

    • Phone number
    • Card number along with expiry date and CVC/CID
    • Personal identification number
    • IBAN number
    • Date of birth (dd-mm-yyyy)

    Depending from what country the consumer is based in, the personal identification number can correspond to different IDs eg. social security number, NemID, bankID etc. This is used for a background credit check.

    Inside the cart of the checkout, you will see an overview of the product(s) added in an overview including product name, price, quantity, and total. From here, you can click on the Proceed to checkout.

    In this new checkout view, you can fill in all necessary information. After the completion of entering in all necessary information as well as accepting the terms and conditions when prompted, it is possible to proceed by clicking on the Pay button.

    Demo store checkout pay button example

    Privacy and cookie settings

    By default, the privacy and cookie settings are enabled which means that it will remember any previous entries inside of the fields eg. name, e-mail, country etc. This will enhance and speedily process payments. However, if you wish to disable these settings then you can toggle it off.

    Cookies and privacy demo store

    You can also read the Nets Privacy Notice here.

    In the table below, you can see each of the user journeys for the checkout flow for all of the payment methods.

    Overview of all user journeys for APMs

    The following table outlines the different user journeys for each of the payment methods:

    User JourneyType
    SEPA Direct Debit A2A
    Swish A2A
    Trustly A2A
    American Express Cards
    VISA & MasterCard Cards
    AfterPay Invoice/Installments
    Ratepay Invoice/Installments
    MobilePay Wallet
    PayPal Wallet