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    Nets Easy for Oxid

    This guide describes how to install, configure, and use the Nets Easy webshop module for Oxid.

    Compatibility: Oxid 6+
    Last version: v1.2.0 (2022-02-03)

    Before you start

    Before you start, you need an Easy Portal account. See the guide Create account for more information about creating a free test account.


    Our Oxid plugin is the perfect extension that enables you to use the Nets Easy checkout to its full potential for your Oxid store. Nets Easy supports most popular payment methods.

    Oxid - Supported payment methods

    Shop features

    • The Nets Easy fast checkout with "remember me" functionality.
    • Embedded checkout for an optimized user experience. Users are not redirected outside Oxid.
    • A smart mix of payment methods to suit all preferences.
    • Multiple checkout languages and currencies for selling in your domestic market and abroad.

    The following screenshot shows a checkout page provided by the Nets Easy module:

    oxid embedded checkout

    Admin features

    • Quick setup and flexible configuration.
    • Intuitive order management with synchronized captures and refunds.
    • Compatibility with discounts, tax (VAT), and shipping options.

    The screenshot below shows the Settings page in the Oxid administration portal:

    oxid activate plugin


    Follow the steps below to install and activate the Nets Easy module in Oxid.

    Step 1: Upload the module to Oxid

    1. Download the module archive:
    2. Extract the zip archive to the folder /source/modules/nets.
    3. Clear your cache from third party plugins or simply delete the files in the /source/tmp folder.


    • Do not delete the .htaccess file.
    • Do not delete the smarty folder, but only its content.

    Step 2: Install the module

    Connect with an SSH client and navigate to the root directory of your Oxid 6 installation and run the command:

    $ php vendor/bin/oe-console oe:module:install-configuration source/modules/nets

    Step 3: Activate the module

    After installing the module, you need to activate it:

    1. Navigate to Extensions > Modules in Oxid Admin.
    2. Locate and select Nets Easy module from the list of installed modules.
    3. Select the Overview tab and press the Activate button. If the Nets Easy module has been installed correctly, you will now see a green checked circle in the ACTIVE column next to Nets Easy on your list.
    oxid activate plugin

    Step 4: Activate the new payment method

    Here's how to activate the new payment method:

    1. Navigate to Shop Settings > Payment Methods
    2. Payment methods are listed in alphabetical order on multiple pages. Find or search for Nets Easy and select it.
    3. On the Main tab, make sure to check the Active box.
    4. (Optional) Fill out the Name and Payment Description fields if you want to customize the text displayed in the payment method selector preseted to your customers in the webshop.
    5. (Optional) Specify User Groups and Countries and translations if needed.
    6. Click Save.

    The module is now installed and ready to be configured for your Nets Easy account.


    After installing and activating the module, you now need to do some basic configuration of the module:

    1. Navigate to the plugin settings: Extensions > Modules > Nets Easy.
    2. Select the Settings tab and press Nets Easy settings to reveal the configuration settings.
    3. Fill out the required fields, such as merchant ID and integration keys (secret keys and checkout keys).
    4. (Optional) Customize the module according to your needs using the additional settings on the configuration page.

    Both the merchant ID and the integration keys can be found in Easy Portal. See the following pages for more help:

    The screenshot below shows the settings page for the module:

    oxid plugin settings

    The following table lists all the settings you can configure in the administration area for the Nets Easy module:

    Configuration settingDescription
    ModeToggles between live mode and test mode. Choose test mode if you want to make test purchases using the test environment. There are sample card numbers and invoice addresses for testing purposes. Live mode requires an approved account.
    Live Secret keyYour live secret key from Easy Portal.
    Live Checkout keyYour live checkout key from Easy Portal.
    Test Secret keyYour secret key for test purchases from Easy Portal.
    Test Checkout keyYour checkout key for test purchases from Easy Portal.
    Terms UrlThe URL for your Terms and Conditions page.
    Merchant Terms UrlThe URL for your Terms of use and Cookies page. Term Links can be found inside the Nets Easy payment window.
    Icons bar urlSet and customize icons listing by editing directly in parameters in the url or visit our custom Icons url generator at
    Checkout TypeSelect between Hosted and Embedded. Hosted loads a new payment page whereas embedded inserts the payment window directly on the checkout page.
    Embedded Checkout LayoutDefines a layout. Only relevant if you are using an embedded checkout (see Checkout Type above).
    Auto-captureThis function enables you to instantly charge a payment straight after the order is placed. Note! Capturing a payment before shipment of the order might be liable to restrictions based upon legislations set in your country. Misuse can result in your Easy account being forfeit.
    DebugThis function will reveal raw api data that you can copy / paste in case you experience errors on your transactions. Data will be visible in order details page.


    You've now installed and configured the Nets Easy webshop module. If you have further questions, please see the troubleshooting section below or reach out to our support.

    Order management

    It's possible to manage orders directly in Oxid:

    1. Navigate to Admin > Administer Orders > Orders. Select an order item payed through Nets Easy.
    2. Choose your desired function:
      • Fully cancel / charge / refund your order.
      • Partially charge / refund your order.


    • Partial functionality handles items in your order as blocks. Custom amount is not possible.
    • Use -/+ to adjust quantity for partial functionality.
    • Press the Partial button to execute the desired action for each order line.
    • All transactions performed by Nets are accessible in Easy Portal.

    Payment status is updated in real-time and reflected in Order details even if you make the changes in Nets Easy Portal.

    oxid admin order overview


    You've now installed and configured the Nets Easy webshop module. If you have further questions, please see the troubleshooting section below or reach out to our support.


    Below are some of the most common configuration errors, their cause and steps that you can follow to solve them.

    Nets payment plugin is not visible as a payment method

    • Ensure the Nets plugin is activated in Shop Settings and in the Extensions plugin configuration.
    • Ensure the Nets plugin is assigned in available listings in various User Groups and Countries.
    • Various User Groups, Countries and Payment Methods setup listings can be found in Admin > Shop > Settings under Payment Methods and Shipping Methods.

    Nets payment window is blank

    • Ensure your integration keys in the Nets plugin settings are correct and do not contain additional blank spaces.
    • Temporarily deactivate thrid party plugins that might affect the functionality of the plugin.
    • Check if there are any temporary technical inconsistencies:

    Payments in live mode don't work

    • Ensure you have an approved Live Easy account for production.
    • Ensure your Live Easy account is approved for payments with the selected currency.
    • Ensure payment method data is correct and supported by your Nets Easy agreement.

    How do I choose currency and language in the payment window?

    • Currency and Language is based on customers selection on the frontend shop page.
    • A complete list of supported currencies and languages can be found in the Nets Easy API Reference.