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    Nets Easy for Shopify

    This guide describes how to install, configure, and use the Nets Easy app integration for Shopify.

    Easy App Integration

    Before you start

    Before you start, you need an Easy Portal account. See the guide Create account for more information about creating a free test account.


    Nets Easy for Shopify is an app that extends our gateway integration and enables you to accept payments in Shopify with Nets Easy Checkout. Nets Easy supports most popular payment methods.

    Shopify - Easy payment icons

    Shop features

    • The Nets Easy fast checkout with "remember me" functionality.
    • Preferred payment methods.
    • Supported currencies (one per shop): EUR, DKK, SEK, NOK, CHF, USD, GBP, PLN.
    • Supported languages: German, English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Italian, French, Spanish.

    The following screenshot shows a checkout page provided by the Nets Easy app:

    shopify checkout

    Admin features

    • Quick setup and flexible configuration.
    • Intuitive order management with synchronized captures and refunds.
    • Compatibility with discounts, tax (VAT), and shipping options.
    • Multi-store support (same currency).
    • Auto-charge/capture possible for digital goods.
    • Automated extension updates, no action required.

    The screenshot below shows the Nets Easy app settings:

    Nets Easy settings Shopify


    By following the steps below, you will be able to integrate Easy payment in your Shopify store:

    Step 1: Install the Nets Easy App

    1. Go to
    2. Enter the URL to your shop and click Submit
    3. Follow the Shopify login flow (if not already logged in).
    4. Confirm the installation of the app
    shopify easy app installation

    Step 2: Basic configuration

    After completing step 1, you should now be on the Nets Easy app settings page. Otherwise, navigate to Apps > Easy Checkout.

    1. Enter your integration keys and merchant ID.
    2. Add your terms & condition URL and select the language on the checkout page.

    Both the merchant ID and the integration keys can be found in Easy Portal. See the following pages for more help:

    Nets Easy settings Shopify

    Step 3: Activate Easy Checkout

    You now need to activate Easy Checkout in Shopify by installing the Easy Checkout payment gateway.

    1. Navigate to Apps > Easy Checkout in Shopify admin.
    2. Copy the gateway password by clicking the Copy to clipboard button. The password will be needed in the next steps when configuring the payments.
    3. Click the Install Easy Checkout Payment Gateway button.
    4. Confirm the installation.
    5. Go to the list of third party providers and click on Easy Checkout.
    6. Under Account information, add your merchant ID and paste your gateway password that you copied to the clipboard earlier.
    7. The Enable test mode checkbox toggles between live mode and test mode. Choose test mode for now. See more information about test and live mode under Configuration.
    8. Click the Activate button to activate the Easy Checkout app.
    Shopify test live activate deactivate app

    Step 4: Mask card numbers

    To avoid displaying full card numbers in order confirmation emails and "Checkout success"-pages, you should mask the card numbers.

    Go to Settings > Notifications > Order confirmation and copy-paste the following code snippet in the text field:

    Mask card numbers

    {% if transaction.gateway == "dibs_easy_checkout" %}
            Dibs Transaction id : {{transaction.receipt.x_gateway_reference}}
            {% if transaction.receipt.x_card_type %}    
                 Card type: {{  transaction.receipt.x_card_type }} <br/>
            {% endif %}   
            {% if transaction.receipt.x_card_masked_pan %}
                Card Mask: {{  transaction.receipt.x_card_masked_pan }}
        {% endif %}
    {% endif %}

    Step 5: Add payment ID to order confirmation emails (optional)

    We recommend that you add the Nets Easy payment Id to appear in the order confirmation email for reference.

    Go to Setting > Checkout > Order processing > Additional scripts and copy-paste the following code in the text field:

    Add Nets Easy payment ID

    {% for tr in checkout.transactions %}
        {% if tr.gateway == "dibs_easy_checkout" %}
        {% if tr.kind == "authorization" %} 
          Dibs Transaction id : {{tr.receipt.x_gateway_reference}}
        {% endif %}
        {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}


    You've now installed and configured the Nets Easy webshop module. If you have further questions, please see the troubleshooting section below or reach out to our support.


    After installing and activating the app, you can always go back and recfonifgure the Nets Easy app from withing Shopify Admin. The configuration is split into two parts:

    • App settings (located under Apps > Nets Checkout) contains most of the Nets Easy app settings.
    • Payment gateway settings (located under Settings > Payments > Nets Checkout is Active > Edit) enables you to activate/deactivate the payment gateway, activate payment methods, and toggle between live and test mode.

    App settings

    To configure the Nets Easy app settings, go to Apps > Nets Checkout.

    The following table lists all the settings you can configure under app settings:

    Configuration settingDescription
    Merchant idYour merchant ID which can be found in Easy Portal.
    Live Secret KeyYour live secret key from Easy Portal.
    Test Secret KeyYour secret key for test purchases from Easy Portal. Test mode can be enabled under Payment gateway settings, see below.
    Terms urlThe URL to the terms and conditions of your webshop.
    Merchant Terms urlThe URL to the privacy and cookie settings of your webshop.
    LanguageThe language displayed on the checkout page. Default value is English.

    Payment gateway settings

    To configure the payment gateway settings, go to Settings > Payments > Nets Checkout is Active and click the Edit button.

    The following table lists all the settings you can configure in the administration area for the Nets Easy module:

    Configuration settingDescription
    MerchantidYour merchant ID which can be found in Easy Portal.
    PasswordThe gateway password that can be copied from the Nets Easy app settings page (navigate to Apps > Nets checkout).
    Enable test modeToggles between live mode and test mode. Choose test mode if you want to make test purchases using the test environment. There are sample card numbers and invoice addresses for testing purposes. Live mode requires an approved account.

    Order management

    It's possible to manage orders directly in Shopify admin:

    1. Navigate to Orders in Shopify admin.
    2. Click on an order line to access order details.
    3. Choose the Capture or Refund payment option. The Nets Easy app will synchronize automatically. The payment status will also be updated in Nets Easy Portal.
    shopify capture payment in orders


    Below are some of the most common configuration errors, their cause and steps that you can follow to solve them.

    Nets Easy Checkout is not visible as a payment method

    • Ensure the Nets Checkout is available and activated in the Shopify store under Settings > Payment > Nets Checkout.
    • Make sure you have configured the Payment gateway correctly.

    Nets payment window is blank

    • Ensure your integration keys in the Nets plugin settings are correct and do not contain additional blank spaces.
    • Temporarily deactivate thrid party plugins that might affect the functionality of the plugin.
    • Check if there are any temporary technical inconsistencies:

    Payments in live mode don't work

    • Ensure you have an approved Live Easy account for production.
    • Ensure your Live Easy account is approved for payments with the selected currency.
    • Ensure payment method data is correct and supported by your Nets Easy agreement.