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    Test account to account processing

    This article describes how to test account to account (A2A) processing on your checkout page.

    Complexity: Low
    Coding: None

    Before you start

    Before you start, you need a checkout page that uses the Nets Easy test environment.

    How to test

    The Easy checkout page provides your customers with the option to pay by A2A. To test A2A processing on the checkout page, follow the steps below:


    1. Navigate to your checkout page
    2. Select SEK for the checkout currency
    3. Select "Swish"
    4. Enter any random phone number
    5. Enter any arbitrary email, postal code, phone number, and personal identification number in the address form
    6. Click on "Pay"

    Sample account to account

    The following sample A2A data can be used in the test environment when testing A2A payments:


    It is possible to input any arbitrary and random numbers for the personal identification number and phone number in order to process and test the payment.

    Also, it is not required to approve the payment through the app when the approval window is prompted.