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    Provider Codes

    The provider code is the original response code from the payment provider/ acquirer.

    Provider Code can be found in every transaction response:

    Transaction response with Provider Code

    "providerCode": "00" 

    Full list of the Provider (GICC) Codes for credit cards:

    00Approved or completed successfully
    02Call Voice-authorization number; Initialization Data
    03Invalid merchant number
    04Retain card
    05Authorization declined
    06Sequence- generation- number error - diagnostics necessary; the POS Terminal must carry out reconciliation with a 0800 message
    09The value 09 has special significance as it indicates a wait message and the POS- System should expect to wait at most 30 seconds more. The host may send several of these wait messages until the true reply is ready. A wait message contains only the following fields: Message Type, Bit Map, PAN, System Trace Audit number, POS Terminal ID Code, Response Code, and Additional Response Data.
    10Partial approval
    12Invalid transaction