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    Add payment methods

    After you've created the merchant, you can start to enable that merchant for additional payment methods. As a result, you will receive a `payment_method_configuration_id` which you need to ultimately process these payments.

    Before you start

    Any action you want to perform for a merchant requires a merchant_id.

    If you don't have received a merchant_id yet, please follow the steps described in the create merchant section to get one.

    At this point, you also MUST have subscribed to relevant notifications.


    The Enrollment__Service provides the following methods:

    • EnrollRequest - add payment methods for the merchant
    • UpdateRequest - change payment methods that have been enrolled
    • GetRequest - returns the payment methods currently enabled for that merchant and the status

    To enable a merchant for an additional payment method, you use the EnrollRequest method. We will give a detailed description in the next section.

    To add an additional payment method for a specific merchant, you use the EnrollRequest message. We will give a detailed description in the next section.

    Enroll Request

    To enroll additional payment methods for your merchant, you use the enrollment_service. You can find the .proto file's detailed description in our API reference section.

    As a result of the successful Enroll Request, you receive a payment_method_configuration_id in the Enroll Response. You need this id to process payments.

    With the Enroll Request, you send

    • a reference
    • the chosen payment_method_provider
    • the payment_method,
    • the merchant_id and
    • the data

    as shown in the API reference.

    The data value is dependent on the payment method and whether or not the payout to the merchant will be processed by us (consolidated), or done directly by the payment method processor. Please remember that only merchants, that have been created with enabled_for_consolidated_payout:true are qualified for payment methods that request consolidated payouts. If you want to change the enabled_for_consolidated_payout value, you MUST send the merchant service's UpdateRequest.

    Payment method and payment method provider

    The EnrollRequest's payment_method_provider and payment_method fields contain the actual payment method you want to enable.

    Payment method can be available through different providers, with or without the option to choose between consolidated and direct payouts. Please find all currently available combinations in the table below.

    Payment MethodPayment Method Providermerchant must be qualified for consolidated payoutEnroll Request's data object
    TrustlyPMP_PPROno specific data is needed
    SOFORTPMP_PPROno specific data is needed
    GIROPAYPMP_PPROno specific data is needed
    EPSPMP_PPROno specific data is needed
    iDealPMP_PPROno specific data is needed
    BANCONTACTPMP_PPROno specific data is needed
    ALIPAYPMP_PPROno specific data is needed
    WECHATPMP_PPROno specific data is needed
    PAYTRAILPMP_PAYTRAILno specific data is needed


    The chosen payment_method value of the Enroll Request - and whether or not the payout will be consolidated by us or done directly by the payment method provider - determines the required values for the EnrollRequest's data field.

    Example: The data field expects an object that corresponds with the payment_method value: If payment_method:Express_Bank and the payouts will be done directly be Express Bank (the payment method provider), the data value MUST be the expressbank.directmerchantpayout message.

    Find a complete list of data field options in our API reference.

    Payment MethodPayment Method ProviderTypemerchant must be qualified for consolidated payoutEnroll Request's data object

    Enroll Response

    If successful, the EnrollResponse contains the payment_method_configuration_id. This id is necessary to process payments, as described in the next section.

    The EnrollResponse also contains the data and the status values.


    You now have received the payment_method_configuration_id and are ready to proccess payments.

    Additional actions

    Once you've received the payment_method_configuration_id you can perform aditional actions from the Enrollment Service (and other Relay services) such as:

    • UpdateRequest to change the enrolled payment method for that merchant
    • GetRequest to get the payment method related stored information and the status