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    Webshop plugin for Shopware 6

    This guide describes how to install, configure, and use the webshop module for Shopware 6.

    Author: Nets
    Supporting System: Shopware 6
    Latest version: 1.0.3
    License: MIT License

    Before you start

    Ensure that you have the following before you start to integrate the plugin:

    • Unified Services – Netaxept/ - Shopware6/
    • Username and password
    • Access to file server


    • Clone this repository in to custom/plugins folder in Shopware 6 directories.

    You must have access to this file.

    • Run the following console command within the \custom\plugins\Shopware6_NetPaymentPlugin directory to install the dependencies.

      • composer install --no-dev
    • Install it in Shopware 6 settings.

    • Enable the plugin in Shopware 6 settings.


    For proper functioning, configure the plugin:

    1. From the administration panel, go to Extensions.
    2. Enable Nets Payment Plugin.
    3. Click on ... and then Configure.
    4. Fill in the details and save it.