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    The Nexi XPTA payment extension for Wordpress, allows you to integrate the XPTA payment gateway without further implementations on your site.

    It manages the transfer of the customer from the merchant's e-commerce site to the Nexi secure environment and vice versa.

    The customer stays on the merchant's e-commerce site until checkout, then is redirected to the XPTA gateway to make the payment.

    To use this plugin it is necessary that the WOOCOMMERCE module is installed on the Wordpress site.


    The Nexi XPTA plugin for Wordpress is available for free at the Nexi plugin, from which you can check compatible versions.

    It is possible to install the extension through the special installer made available by Wordpress.

    1. Log in to the Wordpress admin panel.
    2. Make sure you have the Woocommerce plugin installed.
    3. In the left navigation bar, select Plugins > Add New.
    4. On the new page, enter Nexi XPTA in the search bar.
    5. Locate the XPTA plugin and click Install Now.

    The installation phase is complete, proceed with the configuration.


    Here are the indications to correctly configure the Nexi XPTA plugin:

    1. Log in to the Wordpress admin panel.
    2. In the left navigation bar, select Installed Plugins > Plugins.
    3. On the new page, look for the Nexi XPTA plugin in the list and click Settings.
    4. Proceed with the configuration of the module:
    ToggleEnable the Nexi XPTA payment module.
    AccountingThe field identifies the collection method that the merchant wants to apply to the single transaction, if valued with:
    • Immediate transaction if authorized is also cashed without other interventions by the operator and without considering the default profile set on the terminal.
    • Deferred the transaction if authorized is managed as defined by the terminal profile.
    Payment page languageSet the language of the checkout page.
    Enable/Disable TEST modeEnables or disables test mode. Register in the test area to receive your credentials.
    API KeyCode provided by Nexi to the seller.
    Enable 3D secure 2.0The new 3D Secure 2.0 protocol adopted by the main international circuits (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), introduces new authentication methods, able to improve and speed up the cardholder's shopping experience.
    Enable OneClickEnable OneClick mode.

    Configuring recurrences To use this mode you need to install the Woocommerce Subscription plugin.

    Test and Production

    It is highly recommended to test the plugin in a test environment, before entering the production codes.

    You can get your test credentials (API Key) in the test environment. In the area there will also be test cards that can be used to execute successful and negative transactions. At this stage it is necessary to verify that the orders are created correctly, also checking the details of the orders.

    Transition to production

    To carry out the transition to production it is necessary to create the production credentials (API Key). To generate the new credentials follow these steps:

    1. Log in to Nexi Business.
    2. Sign in to the XPay Web Back Office.
    3. In the Admin section click on APIKey.
    4. Click on Add new APIKey.
    5. Once the terminal has been selected, click on Add to generate the production API Key.

    Once the API Key has been created, the module configuration must be updated as below:

    1. Log into the Wordpress administrative panel.
    2. In the left navigation bar, select Plugins > Installed plugins.
    3. On the new page look for the Nexi XPay plugin in the list and click on Settings.
    4. Disable the TEST mode and enter the API Key generated on Nexi Business.
    5. Save the new configuration.

    It is advisable to carry out a proof of payment with a real card with the transition to production.

    Payment Methods

    The Nexi XPTA plugin offers customers different payment methods:

    Payment by card

    With this solution, the customer remains on your e-commerce until checkout. It is redirected to the Nexi environment to make the payment and then returns to the merchant's website at the end of the transaction.

    OneClick Payment

    The integration of this solution allows the end customer to store their credit card data, and use them later to make purchases with a few clicks. In the case of first payment XPay will show the form for entering card data while in the case of subsequent payments it will show the card data previously entered or the possibility of entering the data of a new card.

    The payment method can only be activated by subscribing to the Nexi XPay Pro service.

    Recurring payment

    This solution allows you to purchase products with recurring charges (e.g. subscriptions).

    During the first payment, a token is assigned that allows Nexi to save the match between the user and the payment card used.

    Subsequent payments will be made automatically on the date set in the subscription product settings.

    To use this mode you need to install the Woocommerce Subscription plugin.


    This solution involves generating a Woocommerce side order, selecting the appropriate products and the customer who wants to make the purchase.

    An email will be sent to the customer containing a link to make the payment. The customer will be redirected to the checkout page of the ecommerce site.

    Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)

    The plugin offers several alternative payment methods. By selecting the desired method, the customer will be redirected to the checkout page of the chosen payment service. Below is a list of supported payment methods:

    For more information about the payment methods, refer to Payment Methods.

    WebCommerce Portal Functions

    In the details of each order, the plugin provides information relating to transactions such as the details of the card used and the status of payments on the XPay gateway.


    It is possible to perform total or partial reimbursement operations. This operation will reverse the desired amount by refunding the customer and changing the status of the Woocommerce order. Here are the steps to do:

    1. Log in to the Wordpress admin panel.
    2. In the left navigation bar, select Woocommerce > Orders.
    3. Click on the order to be refunded.
    4. In the Product section, click on the Refund button and select the products to be refunded.


    It is possible to perform total or partial accounting operations. This will account for the desired amount on the XPTA gateway.

    By default the accounting takes place automatically at midnight, use this option only in case of non-standard configurations of the terminal.

    Here are the steps to do:

    1. Log in to the Wordpress admin panel.
    2. In the left navigation bar, select Woocommerce > Orders.
    3. Click on the order to be accounted for.
    4. In the XPTA Payment Details section, enter the amount to be reversed and click the Accounting button.