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    Process payments - Outline

    This guide lists the operations that can be performed after a successful payment from the customer. Possible operations depend on the payment method used by the customer.

    In order to try the code examples, you need your:

    1. Netaxept Merchant ID
    2. Netaxept test API token

    We recommend to read the Payment flow - Outline section before you read the following articles on how to process payments.

    Netaxept - Overview - Financial operations

    The following examples refer to the test environment. For production you need to use your Netaxept API token and the production base url instead.

    testing base url:
    production base url:

    Several operations can be performed, after your customers have passed checkout and confirmed their payment.

    Financial operations - flow - card payments

    The following two calls are used to process card payments:

    • Process(AUTH): as a result, the payment is reserved, ready for you to capture once the item has been sent
    • Process(CAPTURE): once you’ve sent the item, you can capture the payment to have it transferred to your account

    If, for example for digital goods, the purchased items are sent immediately, then you don't need to separate capture from the authorization, and:

    • Process(SALE) can be used. It is an alternative that allows you to skip Authentication and Capture.

    There are two ways for you, to cancel a payment:

    • Process(ANNUL): this needs to be send after Process(AUTH) and before Process(CAPTURE). Technically speaking, the granted Authorization on the reserved amount gets canceled – without having moved the funds at all.
    • Process(CREDIT): in case an item is returned to you, and you already captured the payment with Process(CAPTURE) you need to refund the payment with Process(CREDIT)

    Additional use cases:

    • Process(VERIFY): Independently of an actual purchase, you might want to only check whether a card is valid, for instance to store it for recurring payments.
    • Process(QUERY): This call is relevant, when you offer additional payment methods that are not card payments. Since different payment methods determine how to process these payments and what calls you can use, you might need to check the actual payment method used by the customer.

    Process card payments

    1. Verify card (optional)

    If you want to check if a card used in a purchase is currently valid and active, you can perform the Process(VERIFY) call.

    It is compliant with Visa and Mastercard rules and it will have no effect on the card's balance.

    The main use case for the Process(VERIFY) call is to check, if a card you want to store for future purchases or recurring payments (create token) is valid, without doing an actual charge.